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The Mama Bibi


Mama Bibi is a family owned company. We started this business in honor of our beloved mother. The name Mama Bibi means " Grand Mother". I got my passion for cooking, as well as the knowledge, from the best chef in the world, my loving caring MOM. 


We came from a country where no pre-made products were available in the market. Even if they existed, they would have been too expensive to purchase.  This motivated my Mom to become innovative and creative in healthy home-made products, especially baking goods and food. 


After moving to the USA, I noticed the abundance of the pre-made products.  From my experience in medical field, I observed the negative effects processed food have on our health. One of the main problems is food allergies, especially from nuts. This inspired me to be creative and produce a healthy product that is nut and preservatives free, has excellent nutritional value and is natural.


Mama Bibi butter is made from organic sunflower and pumpkin seeds, with natural sweetness from a variety of fruits such as dates and figs. It is rich in fiber, and an excellent source of vitamin E and omega 3 and 6. Our products stand out from the other seed butters in the market as Chia seeds, hemp heart, and flaxseed mill were added to boost the nutritional values, as well as it has no sugar added and is dairy-free. 

Our Process

Mama Bibi sunflower and pumpkin seed butters are made using a stone grinder. Due to the slow stone grinding process, all the valuable essential enzymes and nutrients are retained and are not lost or destroyed, as they are when using other high speed processes and methods.

As the grinding stones roll slowly over a flat stone bottom surface the  seeds are crushed, mashed and ground slowly between these stones. With this slow grinding process, it makes the silky smooth, creamy, melt in your mouth butters become the healthiest, freshest  seed butters.


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